• ‘It’s not a panacea’: Inside Meredith’s multifaceted header bidding strategy

    Meredith’s programmatic strategy illustrates how the methods of selling online advertising aren’t mutually exclusive. Meredith — the parent company of lifestyle and food brands like Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens — uses waterfalling, on-page header bidding and server-to-server connections to sell its display inventory.

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  • Mind-numbing metrics: How algorithms help marketers get back to being creative

    by Jonathan Gardner, VP communications, Turn It often seems like marketers don’t have much time to actually market. Especially when most hours in the day are spent manually measuring mind-numbing metrics like viewability, completion and other important video KPIs. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for the creative or gratifying parts of the job.

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  • The Guardian pulls out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News

    Publishers aren’t happy with the deal platforms are cutting them. Now, the Guardian has dropped both Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Article format and removed its content from Apple News. The publisher had gone all-in on Instant Articles, running every single Guardian article via the format for the last year. It was one of first U.K.

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  • Best of the week: As platforms flex their muscle, publishers reinvest in site performance

    Another week in the worlds of media and marketing saw more punches thrown in the ongoing battle for audience ownership and ad dollars. So if you’re looking for some good drama reads this weekend, you’re in luck. As always, you can find a full list of our top stories at the bottom. Platforms vs. publishers war wages on A number of publishers recorded declines in reach on Faceb ...

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  • Use this one weird trick to become a better copywriter

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 11 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 25-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. If you would like to skip the rest of this post, here’s the trick: Google Image search “Fallon McElligott ad” and start scrolling, clicking and reading. That’s it. It costs nothing.

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  • Pinpricks: Why Pinterest and publishers aren’t getting along

    Pinterest and publishers should be a match made in heaven. One wants to be a utilitarian hub for inspiration and ideas. The other wants to build, then monetize direct relationships centered around the passions of readers. Both should happily provide raw material for one another in a virtuous cycle. But it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

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  • Reclaiming the word ‘old’: How fashion is fighting ageism

    Jacky O’Shaughnessy had just moved back to New York after a 20-year stint in Los Angeles and was staying with friends in the West Village when she stepped outside to have a cigarette. It was 9 p.m., and she was relishing the sights and sounds of her former home, when a woman walked out of a nearby restaurant and approached her.

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  • HowStuffWorks is going long — and making money — with Amazon video

    Thanks to Amazon, HowStuffWorks is investing in long-form video. In March, HowStuffWorks, the publisher best known for informational and nonfiction articles, videos and podcasts, released eight documentaries on Amazon Prime. This included a 55-minute film called “The Great North American Road Rally,” which features the hosts of HowStuffWork’s “CarStuff” video series as they ra ...

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  • A user’s guide to the battle of marketing clouds

    Cloud companies from Salesforce to Adobe to Oracle are gobbling up ad tech, the latest example being Oracle acquiring Moat, but it’s not always easy for agencies to tell the giants apart. “Some are better, marginally, than others,” said Rob Griffin, chief innovation officer at ad agency Almighty. “But it comes down to a popularity contest.

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  • How Maxus is training its media planners in creativity

    As media buying becomes more commoditized and less differentiated, communications planning — a discipline that uses data insights to help a client figure out brand positioning and media channels– is now a hot battleground for media agencies. For Maxus, that means motivating its media planners to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to develop creative ideas for the like ...

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  • Publishers fear fallout of Google-backed ad blocker

    Publishers are responding to a Wall Street Journal report that Google is reportedly launching an ad blocker for Chrome with official cheer but private skepticism and fear. Officially — and on the record — publishers are genuflecting at the altar of user experience, welcoming moves by Google or other companies to improve online advertising.

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