• Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say

      Facebook’s metrics woes may be far from over. After fessing up to a string of measurement errors over the past six months, the social media company has bowed to pressure from ad buyers and started letting third-party auditors check its numbers. Some agencies started using the new auditing capabilities a few months ago and have been stunned to see viewability rates on Facebook ...

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    • Consulting firms are crashing the party in Cannes

      Management consultancies are taking their tussle with agencies for marketing budgets to the Croisette in Cannes. Accenture Interactive, Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young and McKinsey will all be out in force at the festival. Purists might argue their presence is indicative of how industrialized advertising has become, but few can deny the influence these companies could wield i ...

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  • Publishers are caught in the crossfire of the Facebook-Apple fracas

    Facebook and Apple are squabbling, and publishers are caught in the middle. Publishers were supposed to be the winners of Facebook’s long-awaited plan to provide a path to sell subscriptions in the social app. But the test was delayed because Apple didn’t want Facebook to let publishers sidestep its App Store and avoid giving Apple its customary 30 percent cut of in-app purchases.

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 8 readers -
  • Three uncomfortable truths about digital ad fraud

    Tom Drouillard, CEO, president and managing director, Alliance for Audited Media Losses from digital ad fraud range from $6 billion to $16 billion annually, and the current supply chain structure makes it easy and attractive to commit ad fraud with little chance of retribution. Marketers, agencies, publishers and technology suppliers are frustrated. Trust is at an all-time low.

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  • ‘They think I’m the boogeyman’: Confessions of a programmatic exec at a publisher

    One constant struggle for large media organizations is getting the incentives of different departments to align. For the latest installment of our anonymous Confessions series, we talked to a programmatic specialist at a legacy media company. The source said the direct-sales and programmatic departments butt heads because sales reps don’t understand ad tech, so they worry that ...

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  • The Guardian remains committed to VR, despite limited commercial opportunities

    The Guardian is remaining committed to virtual reality even though it’s unclear when it will become a moneymaker. At the beginning of October, the publisher — which has experimented with VR for over a year — brought its nine different VR experiences into its Guardian VR app and sent out 100,000 Google Cardboard headsets to make its VR content more accessible.

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  • Vanity Fair’s The Hive created 200 different powerbroker newsletters

    In politics and business, there are certain figures that warrant constant attention. For the past six months, Vanity Fair’s blog, the Hive, has tested a product that allows readers to stay informed about those people more easily. The Hive’s personalized newsletter product, The Players, lets readers follow 150 specific figures: Any time the Hive writes a piece about a person so ...

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  • Bayern Munich’s AR push starts from its app

    It may be early days for augmented reality, but that hasn’t stopped German football team Bayern Munich from building it into its mobile app. Fans who download the latest version of the team’s iOS app can use the AR feature to bring either team captain Manuel Neuer or forward Arjen Robben into their selfies.

    Digiday- 14 readers -
  • Coke and Adobe crowdsource design ideas for the 2020 Special Olympics

    Calling all brand marketers: We’re opening up a few more complimentary spots to join the Digiday Marketing Summit in the Bahamas in December. Interested? Apply here. The 2020 Special Olympics in Tokyo might be two years away, but Coca-Cola is already making a marketing play. On Oct. 18, the brand announced a collaboration with Adobe for a new crowdsourcing campaign called “Cok ...

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  • Advertisers start placing paid media behind influencer content for lower CPMs

    Advertisers are known to use social stars as creative agencies, where media buyers send those active social media users RFPs and briefs, then have these individuals promote the content on their own channels. Now, advertisers are taking influencer marketing one step further by placing paid media to amplify influencer content beyond the individual’s social accounts.

    Yuyu Chen/ Digiday- 18 readers -
  • Overstock.com is launching a self-serve platform for brands

    Furniture retailer Overstock.com is planning to open up self-service ad options to furniture brands to bid on ad placements on Overstock’s site. The idea is to ramp up Overstock revenue from marketing and advertising, a high-margin way to make some money on the side. Overstock will now offer multiple types of advertisements to brands.

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 12 readers -
  • ‘Sandwiching’: How to outsmart Instagram’s algorithm to drive engagement

    While attempting to outsmart Instagram’s elusive algorithm is no easy feat, companies including Authentic Brands Group are employing tactics to get around tricky infrastructure designed to obscure promoted posts. Though Instagram does not share specifics about how the algorithm operates, fashion and beauty marketers have a general understanding that post placement within a us ...

    Digidayin How To's- 13 readers -
  • Inside Gold’s Gym’s new personal fitness app

    Gold’s Gym has launched an app to reach the growing number of people choosing mobile apps like Sworkit, Aaptiv and 8fit over gym memberships. The Gold’s Amp app has 100 workouts that last between six and 60 minutes and range from cardio training to rowing, along with thousands of DJ mixes for workouts.

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  • ‘Our president is often not brand-safe’: Why publishers struggle to monetize the Trump bump

    Viral stories about Donald Trump are great for comScore bragging rights, but they can be difficult for publishers to monetize. It’s a sign of the times that advertiser demands of brand safety sweep up news relating to our current politics. On average, the 10 largest buy-side platforms are placing ads on 11 percent fewer sites this year compared to last year, according to MediaRadar.

    Digiday- 12 readers -
  • The rise (and fall) of autoplay video, in 5 charts

    You can’t browse the internet too long without running into an autoplay video ad. So ingrained (and derided) have autoplay video ads become that the leading browsers are cracking down. Apple is updating its Safari browser to block videos that play automatically with sound on and Google’s Chrome is expected to follow suit early next year when it starts filtering out ad formats that turn off users.

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 12 readers -
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